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  • Last year with the relaunch of our map we removed Africa completely. But very soon a part of it will be coming back in a complete new look.
    Last year with the relaunch of our map we removed Africa. We did this because of technical and design-related reasons.
    Big parts of the landscape were very unrealistic, deserts were at places where there is normally none and cities weren't in their correct places.
    We know that our former Africa had a lot of fans despite all that.
    We are therefore very happy to announce that Africa will come back step by step very soon, of course completely rebuilt with a greater focus on realism.
    For the first step we have teamed up with Map Morocco, a map that will be an add-on exclusively for TSM and in the first version will include three cities in Morocco, including the big port city of Tangier.
    The map will be created by Moroccans who know their way around Morocco and who will design the street layout on the basis of real street maps.
    All news about the construction progress of the add-on can be found on the official Facebook page:

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