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  • We are online again .

    Dear user ,

    You can see , we are back

    The maintenance is over ... and what has become new ?
    Many will ask this .

    Nothing !

    After various discords , attacks and false claims that have been going on for weeks ,
    and culminated on the last Sunday , 24.03.2019 ,
    we pulled the ripcord and closed the forum !

    Inside the Team it was discussed after the closure about whether we want to reopen the forum at all .

    All of us from the TSM-Team put a lot of free time and heart into this project ,
    many of us have been around for years, or as I have been almost since foundation .

    Over the years we've been trying to build something from the original pure support forum for the TSM-Map
    to an overarching platform for ETS2 and ATS .

    We've made the forum a hotbed for ETS2 and ATS , open to everything around these games ,
    to a forum that can support and help .

    We have provided you with a free platform for deploying mods , a lexicon for everyday help or even a place for diaries .
    Even with help when it came to Stoolen Mods we were and are a contact point and give support .

    Information from SCS is as much a part of it as presentation of pictures
    or presentation of new modifications , maps , trucks , trailers and much more ...

    All this and much more we try to do as a team daily ,
    free , voluntary , for fun and to help.

    To guarantee this , there are rules
    Rules everyone should stick to .
    Normally , hints are enough to ensure a peaceful coexistence .

    Sometimes not , but these are the exceptions from my many years of experience .
    One of these exceptions was the occasion to attack us massively ,
    from "suppression of one's own opinion" to "disguising the reasons"
    to exaggeratedly expressed "dictatorial" behavior .

    These baseless allegations led to the closure !

    After a long discussion , however , we came to the decision to open the forum again ,
    open for all uninvolved users , users who ask for help , help they can get here with us .

    Not much will change in our work , it will continue to be built and presented on the TSM map ,
    there are still hints given by the moderation
    or post as previously deleted with notice if they are inappropriate or offensive .

    Whatever will happen , we will not become more democratic ,
    So we will not have to start a poll to you before every decision we have to make .

    And we , the TSM-Team , will continue to tolerate other opinions about foreign maps!

    Of course , the main focus is still on the TSM map ,

    It is our map and our forum !

    All are welcome in the forum .

    But there is something for everyone that will not change :
    Everyone is free to delete their account here , nobody is forced to stay in the forum .

    But what will change is the handling of hostility , insults and threats.
    We will tackle it harder in the future !

    For TSM-Team


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