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Update History ETS2

  • Hier eine History über all die Patches bisher zur Übersicht.
    ~ 1.25 ~

    • Cruise control is not disabled by the throttle anymore.
    • Interior camera zoom - You can bind the key for zoom in Options → Key and buttons → Camera controls → Zoom interior camera.
    • Option to set preferred job length generation in options.
    • Option to set split shifting input.
    • More unit display options (volume, consumption).
    • Steering wheels are now a separate model with a default and exclusive version for each truck
    • Steering knobs - six different steering knobs in each game; you are able to install them at four possible locations on a steering wheel.
    • [ATS only] Customizable cabin lights and horns on all trucks.
    • Low air warning sound added.
    • Separated map_data.sii from game_data.sii
    • Look_presets_defaults[] in interior camera
    • Change trailer looks to paint jobs.

    ~ 1.24 ~

    • Improved external jobs support in game (direct control, freight market).
    • Physically simulated truck and trailer coupling (option).
    • [ATS only] Added external jobs.
    • [ATS only] Arizona DLC.
    • Blinker auto off can be disabled (option).
    • Speeding highlight can be disabled (option).
    • [ETS2 only] Cabin accessory physics does not require DLC anymore.
    • Torque converter simulation greatly improved.
    • Automatic transmission behavior improved.
    • XInput support added - custom support for XBox controller.
    • Added UI support for 4th and 5th controller.
    • Gear shift selectors (range, split) now have UI support for position-based switches.
    • [ETS2 only] Scania trucks reworked.
    • [ATS only] New accessories added to 579 and T680 (bullbars, deflectors, sideflares, etc).
    • [ATS only] Default air horn added to all trucks (attribute air_horn in sound accessory).
    • [ATS only] New engine sound of W900 (air intake).
    • [ATS only] Interior sounds of all trucks rebalanced.
    • [ATS only] US specific engine data.
    • [ATS only] Added new road from San Rafael to Eureka + new city Ukiah on this road
    • [ETS2 only] Unit name fixes, most interior accessory and some other mods need update.
    • Damage params moved out from game_data.sii and some more added (including wear and part damage factors).
    • Data driven engines (torque curve, rpm limits).
    • Force feedback data for XInput added (force_feedback.sii).
    • Torque converter physics data added, separated manual clutch data (physics.sii).
    • Data change from driven wheel to driven axle.
    • Added check for internal camera continuity.

    ~ ~

    • Steam Workshop (available only in the Steam version, activate the game in the Steam client)
    • New Rims
    • UITraffic offense can be disabled (option)
    • Navigation path (red line) can be disabled (option)
    • Option to keep Route Advisor hidden while getting new notifications
    • Autopark feature can be disabled (option)
    • Speeding highlight on Route Advisor

    • Smart cruise control can use activated engine brake when no retarder is present
    • Advanced shifting simulation
    • Real shifter layouts (Scania, Volvo, ZF). To activate them you need to use new profile or remove your custom H-Shifter layouts
    • Improved truck stability during retarder usage

    • AI improvements
    • Traffic offense costs scaled by player level

    ~ 1.22.2 ~


    • World of Trucks Contracts feature - now you able take jobs from the World of Trucks website
    • Tire decals coloring
    • Simulated tire grades based on European tire grading system (rolling resistance, wet grip, noise levels)
    • The paint shop was integrated into the standard truck configuration

    • adjusting fifth wheel position for most of 6x2, 6x4 chassis's to decrease under steering under full throttle

    • When clutch axis is not assigned for H-Shifter transmission, truck will handle clutch itself (much like sequential transmission)
    • When shifter layout is named (new attribute "name"), the name string is shown in game for better recognition
    • Hired drivers are more efficient when equipped by good truck
    • User defined limit for length of generated jobs in the offline economy (g_job_distance_limit)
    • User defined LOD distance for pedestrian, traffic and parked cars; multiplier of default distance (g_lod_factor_pedestrian, g_lod_factor_traffic, g_lod_factor_parked)
    • Config for disabling "Autoparking" dialogue (g_adviser_auto_parking)
    • Config for disabling Route Advisor popups when hidden (g_adviser_keep_hidden)
    • Fixing missing world on low-end GPUs on OSX
    • Improved physics and stability of trailers (disconnected, parked, AI)
    • AIUser defined traffic density, defined by multiplier to default (g_traffic)
    • Improved simulation of suspension (leaning in curves or when accelerating/decelerating)
    • Improved navigation, lane switching, spawning and obstacle checking

    • New sounds for Volvo FH16 Classic
    • New sounds for Volvo FH

    • Higher resolution textures are used on models in UI screens regardless of the graphics settings
    • Redesigned job and time widget on desktop
    • Day/night effect switching for movers and walkers

    ~ 1.21.1 ~


    • Improved reflections in the cabin interior
    • Fixed spider paintjob from Halloween DLC missing for some variants of DAF Euro 6 cabin
    • Adjusted external interior for Actros 2009

    • Added automatically generated Range-Splitter layout for H-Shifter
    • Improved compatibility with G29 force-feedback

    • Improved sounds of tires and suspension
    • Improved sounds for manipulating blinker and brake sticks
    • Reduced volume of interior stick noises
    • MISCCompatibility with Cabin Accessories
    • Workaround for missing geometry on low-end Intel GPUs on OSX
    • Fixed possible use of incorrect files after switching between profiles with different set of mods
    • Corrected vegetation sometimes appearing at wrong places in the map
    • The hud mirror switching key (F2) now enumerates all combinations: both off, only far on, both on, only near on
    • Improved road collisions

    ~ 1.20.1 ~

    • GPS route customization
    • Geographically correct sun position
    • Enabled support for download of additional hand-picked loading screen images from WoTr. All images can be seen using the "Image Spotlight" feature in "Photo Studio".

    • Increased traffic density in city areas
    • Added 'village area' rule to allow specifying urban area without increased traffic density
    • Fixed non-urban speed limit in UK
    • Support for spawn_trailer_count attribute of traffic_vehicle_type
    • Lower probability of spawning an AI truck without a trailer
    • Fixed license plate definitions switched between bus and trailer
    • Uses correct wheel position when placing AI trailer wheels on ground
    • Fixed rear wheels of AI vehicles not being placed on ground in steep hils
    • Fixed vehicles remaining on wrong way lane after avoiding obstacle in some cases
    • AI vehicles turn off engine during fueling

    • Free camera supports inverted mouse (respects the c_minvert input constant)
    • Changed design of road dialog
    • Fixed "grave" key not working with some keyboard layouts (e.g. Hungarian)
    • Separate snapping of nodes and control points
    • Editor shortcut mapped to bezier patch
    • Added support for rotation undo for bezier patch control points
    • Increased node joining tolerance to fix problems with joining nodes far away from center of the map
    • Grid size shortcut changed from Alt+wheel to Ctrl+wheel

    • Mercedes Actros 2014: Fixed speedometer in UK variant, Improved interior, Tweaked normal map, Smoothed some hard edges, Shadowcaster tweaks
    • Iveco Hiway: Smoother horns
    • DAF XF Euro6: Cleanup of the models
    • Scania Streamline: DRL
    • Fixed UV on bulk cement trailer
    • Fixed missing wheels on brick trailer
    • Vertex optimizations of AI trucks for DAF Euro6, Man TGX, Scania R
    • Volvo: Original sound of blinker on/off, Original sound of wipers, Equalization of gear_air sounds for interior
    • Mercedes Actros, Renault Premium: Fixed armrests missing in the exterior view
    • Fixed size of wheels

    • Particles are not generated for lifted wheels
    • Mirror resolution setting is not disabled on high quality
    • Longer mirror distances on high and ultra settings
    • Brake lights activate on slightest pedal touch
    • Correct turbo sound used on reverse
    • It is possible to use Steam controller-based keyboard for entering search text in mod manager
    • Fixed reporting of no-lights offense when driving in rain
    • Improved compatibility with Windows XP

    ~ ~
    • Hungary expansion - two new cities to the Going East! content: Pécs and Szeged
    • Mod Manager
    • Manual control for automatic transmission (shifting hints, switch between manual/auto)
    • Controls for dashboard navigation map (zoom, turn off)
    • Driver controlled trip info stored in truck computer (distance, consumption)
    • Editor improvements (see Modding Info)
    • Matching truck cabin interior looks shown in exterior view.
    • Improved readability of dashboard info in some trucks (computer display, GPS map)
    • Added wheel sounds on different surfaces (+ re-balanced sounds)
    • Added sounds for sticks and buttons in truck cabin

    ~ ~
    • fix for occasionally appearing triangle flickering
    • fix for missing geometry on some Windows XP configurations

    ~ 1.18.1 ~
    • New truck: Mercedes-Benz New Actros
    • Mercedes-Benz brand is in the game
    • Improved vegetation (prefab vegetation distances, rebalanced vegetation LODs, more settings)
    • DRL for Iveco Hi-Way, Mercedes-Benz New Actros, Volvo FH, DAF XF Euro6
    • New trailer skins
    • Support for weather-based pedestrian spawning, support for multiple animations
    • Over a thousand minor fixes in world models and in the map

    ~ 1.17.1 ~
    • New weather and lighting setup
    • New sounds for DAF XF Euro 6
    • New drivers, new driver art
    • Tires and rims turned into independent accessories
    • Added six-wheeled chassis for both Renault Magnum and Premium
    • Better support for retina displays (OSX)
    • Traffic AI behavior improvements
    • Improved engine performance and stability
    • Improved support for multi-monitor systems

    ~ 1.16.2 ~
    • 64-bit build
    • New large truck dealer / showroom
    • Truck fixes: shadows in Scania R, Scania Streamline, Volvo FH16 2012, Renault Magnum 2009 + sideskirts; mirror in MAN TGX, Renault Premium holes and collision
    • Paintjob fixes: Raven for DAF, MAN, Heavy Duty
    • Cargo: removed Christmas Gifts, fixed car transporter, fixed helicopter texture and straps
    • Reduced stalling: bigger memory pool in 64-bit builds, better memory handling, delayed shadow loading, random look selection, sound accessories
    • Improved memory management on 32-bit OS
    • Fixed free roam check in the Careerist achievement
    • Map fixes

    ~ 1.15.1 ~
    • New Exclusive interior for DAF Euro 6
    • New sounds for Scania 6 cylinder engines
    • New sounds for Iveco Highway and Iveco Stralis
    • Support for different dashboard computer back-light colors
    • Showroom updates:
      • New interface for showrooms
      • New showroom interior
      • New look for small truck dealers
    • Significantly faster autosaving
    • Gameplay improvements:Interior camera motion feature - camera can now simulate movements of the player's body and motion of the truck seat
    • Smart cruise control - retarder will now be used automatically
    • Trailer brake
    • Support for second reverse gear for custom H-Shifter layouts
    • Support for Holiday Special content

    ~ 1.14.2 ~

    • Liftable axles
    • Speed limit shown on dashboard GPS
    • Truck browser shows all upgrades and their level requirements
    • Increased damage for overturned vehicles
    • Higher penalties for damaged cargo (both xp and money)
    • Camera rotation based on steering and blinkers
    • Traffic improvement

    Steam and Online Services
    • Steam Rich Presence: job information in "View Game Info" in the Steam friends list
    • Screenshot images contain additional metadata (game state, vehicle, camera)
    • Upload your World of Trucks profile truck from the in-game Screenshot Manager

    • New truck: DAF XF Euro 6
    • Added three new 6-wheeled chassis for (almost) all trucks
    • Substantial data fixes in most chassis

    • New cargo definition structure
    • Per-sector weather climate profiles
    • Goto console command now accepts city names or their fragments (eg "goto aber" teleports camera to Aberdeen)

    ~ 1.13.3 ~

    • Steam achievements (available only in the Steam version, activate the game in the Steam client to obtain them)
    • Added functionality to unbind keys/buttons/axes in game ui
    • Added cruise control grid option
    • Cruise control speed limited to truck speed limit speed (if enabled)
    • Quickload and quicksave
    • Bindable keys/buttons for increasing and decreasing of radio volume

    ~ 1.12.1 ~
    • Added truck and trailer browsers
    • Added support for color balance&saturation tweaks to the photo mode
    • Added support for camera roll to the photo mode
    • Added cargo group filter to the job selection screens (e.g. in top left corner of the screen). Requires new attributes we added to game_data.sii so if you have a modded version without those attributes, it will not work.
    • Added missing straps texture
    • Better messages are shown when removable DLC is missing instead of using the message originally intended for MODs
    • Enabling news on the profile page using the "Enable news" button will also load them
    • Fixed visualization of the initially selected button on the mirrors adjuster
    • Fixed speed limits in UK
    • Fixed calculation of vehicle bounding box
    • Fixed crash in delivery log if city is missing as result of mod removal
    • Game will try to fix game time when it is too far behind during game load as the result of use of the MP mod
    • Workaround for possible hang in the truck configurator in profile which was broken by the MP mod
    • Set cargo weights for AI trailers
    • Removed calcium cargo
    • Removed reference to non-existing animation
    • Updated localization
    • Updated credits

    ~ 1.11.13 ~
    • new cities: Venice, Graz, and Klagenfurt with a lot of new kilometers to explore
    • Seat Adjustment feature
    • Several months of tweaks of car AI code
    • Re-designed radio player for with additional sorting and filtering options
    • New Cruise control features
    • Displaying current road speed limit in Route Advisor (disable, or switch car or truck specific limits in options)
    • Complete UI facelift
    • Support for sway bar simulation
    • Refined the truck suspension for more control over truck and trailer stability
    • Recalculated the center of gravity of each cargo (more individual behavior of the whole rig)
    • Controls to adjust trailer stability in options
    • Improve collisions of player's truck and AI vehicles
    • Re-created all scratch and crash sounds in the game
    • Equalized the sound volume of in-cabin engine sounds and external engine sounds for all trucks
    • More realistic timing for the air brake sound
    • Retarder indicator is lit during automatic retarder usage
    • Ability to sell a garage
    • Ability to relocate your headquarters to another city

    ~ 1.10.1 ~

    • Support for metallic paintjobs.
    • Fixed possible rare hang or crash.
    • Physics parameters of the fifth wheel are configurable in physics.sii


    • Updated accessories to support paintjobs
    • Corrected speed limits in Austria, Belgium and Germany
    • Tweaked prices and unlock levels of some accessories
    • Fixed acceleration of traffic
    • Tweaked accessories of traffic trucks (badges, mirrors and sunshields)
    • Fixed various bugs in truck and trailer models

    ~ 1.9.22 ~

    • Brand new traffic AI system;
    • Oculus Rift support (with the -oculus launch option - this will be improved in the future), now also in the retail version;
    • Early support for gamepad-controlled mouse cursor;
    • Improved handling of automatic gearbox (more gears, interaction with cruise control);
    • Improved compatibility with semi-broken prefabs used in mods;
    • Improved error handling in radio playback;
    • Updated defaults for the Xbox 360 controller in the input wizard to provide a better initial experience.

    • Scania Streamline improvements (model, textures, paint jobs, new parts and accessories) - you may need visit truck dealer and re-purchase some parts;
    • Volvo FH16 improvements (interior, wipers, shadows);
    • Iveco Hi-way improvements (dashboard computer, shadows);
    • Paintjobs are properly applied on add-ons in interior views;
    • Map improvements.

    • V8 engine sounds for Scania R and Scania Streamline.

    ~ ~
    • Fixed crash with new Volvo in UK

    ~ ~
    • All-new Scania Streamline truck model
    ~ 1.7.1 ~
    • Fixed crash on freight market when too many jobs were generated (mods only)
    • Fixed rare crash that sometimes happened with air horn usage
    • Fixed incorrect trailer placement when automatic parking was used in Trameri Warszaw
    • Fixed engine displacement volumes for Volvo and Iveco

    ~ 1.7.0 ~
    • All new Volvo FH and FH16 truck model

    ~ 1.6.1 ~
    • World of Trucks site launched
    • Photo Studio - includes Photo-mode and Screenshot Manager allowing upload of your best screenshots to World of Trucks
    • Online profiles - ability to connect your profile to your World of Trucks account
    • New Iveco Stralis Hi-Way sounds recorded from actual truck
    • Individual air-horn sounds
    • Realistic fuel consumption option
    • Adaptive automatic transmission option
    • Shorter jobs generation probability increased
    • License plate changes fixed
    • (1.6.1) Fixed crash when a truck uses addons from removed mods
    • (1.6.1) Increased length of input in UI related to World of Trucks accounts

    ~ 1.5.2 ~
    • Minimum requirement for Going East! DLC
    • Truck interiors appropriate for selected cabin type
    • Several new cars in the AI traffic
    • Lot of map tweaks especially in German/Poland area
    • Improved upgrade shop (addons and wheels handling, interiors) - you may encounter unexpected changes when shop is fixing your truck state
    • Fixed pedestrians disappearing
    • Fixed driver logs
    • Polished automatic gearbox logic
    • Consumption gauge and air pressure screen on Scania dashboard
    • Hazard warning made independent of blinkers
    • Steering sensitivity slider range increased (both directions)
    • Steering non-linearity properly used with mouse
    • Added rumble stripe sound check-box so that it's possible to switch it off

    ~ 1.4.12 ~
    • Improved resistance to some kinds of mod conflicts
    • Added g_prefab_replace command simplifying rename of prefabs.
    • Fixed issues with advisor after teleport.
    • Fixed several possible instabilities.
    • Fixed positioning of some company trailers.

    ~ 1.4.8 ~
    • License plate system corrections
    • Interior animation fixes
    • Fixes to several tuning parts acting incorrectly
    • Improvements in memory system for better stability under heavy load
    • Traffic lights system fixes

    ~ 1.4.1 ~

    • All new truck Iveco Stralis Hi-Way with tuning upgrades
    • Volvo: Fixed position of lights on the front grill, animations fixes, dashboard fixes, added oil indicator
    • DAF: fixed speed gauge display in UK trucks, fixed exhaust
    • Majestic: Fixed disappearing of the doorsteps
    • Renault: Fixed blinkers
    • Man: Fixed material issues
    • Fixed wrong lod on flat bed trailer
    • Overweight trailer: Fixed position of wheel and mudguards
    • Cistern trailer: Fixed position of wheel and mudguards
    • Log trailer: Added front white lights
    • Fix shadow casters for some upgrades
    • AI cars: the lamps are visible from greater distance at night
    • Fixed shader issues with auxilary lights for all trucks

    • Reworked force feedback feature
    • Engine torque simulation improvements. Idle throttle and clutch changes.
    • Many new physical properties added to the simulation model. All dashboard gauges are simulation based now
    • Vehicle telemetry information is available to third-party applications using a first version of ETS2 Telemetry SDK. Pilot testing with kind help of Fanaleds - Home
    • There is config variable in console "g_pedal_clutch_range", that can tweak clutch pedal active area length. Range is 0.1 to 1.0 (default value is 1.0)
    • Fuel consumption during engine idle fixed

    • Redesigned Job Market's job listing to be able scroll through all jobs
    • The speed limiter can be now disabled in Options screen.
    • Added Advisor warning messages related to retarder, parking brake and air pressure warnings are not shown when gear is set to neutral.
    • Added new optional control scheme where steering, accelerator and brakes can all be controlled by mouse
    • Ferry route length displayed in the job selection.
    • Loan installments are properly rounded up and displayed, improved timing of loan payments
    • Upgrade shop does not automatically discard everything with change of cabin/chassis. Only non-compatible accessories are removed
    • There is config variable in console "g_income_factor", that can lower job income of you and your drivers for more challenge. Range is 0.0 to 1.0 (default value is 1.0)
    • World map can be closed by same key that opens it (default key M)

    • Fixed navigation lines on UK variant roundabout
    • Hundreds map fixes, tweaking and prettyfications
    • A2 highway completed (as in real life 2 lane highway) including tollgates
    • New road leading south from Szczecin in Poland
    • Fix - added some no-weather areas placed under some bridges to avoid rain appearing there
    • Wrongly set border between France and Belgium fixed
    • Grass, terrains and rocks intersecting walls of some tunnels fixed
    • Tons of other minor map fixes

    • Prefabs tweaking (improved AI flow somewhat, major AI rewrite is coming later)
    • Less steep quarry prefab to lessen weaker engine trucks having problems when going uphill
    • New small tollgates in Poland on A2 road
    • Fixed animations of various pedestrians

    • Asynchronous loading smoothes speed of resource loading resources, reducing overall lag and "spikes" for more even framerate
    • It is possible to skip the intro animation using a -nointro parameter
    • Fixed garage name in player truck relocation UI
    • Rain probability in both corner values ensures infinite weather duration
    • Weather can change after time fast forward
    • The save slot selection is shown after profile selection if there was problem with automatic load
    • There is config variable in console "s_rumble_enabled", that can enable/disable sound of rumble stripes on the roads
    • Increased range of non-linerity slider in controller option screen
    • Fix potential crash related to recent Nvidia Optimus drivers changes
    • Added more job-start autosaves
    • Improved robustness to mod removals
    • Improved behavior of input wizard
    • Improved efficiency of memory pool usage
    • Renamed game.log and game.crash files to game.log.txt and game.crash.txt
    • Improved behavior of non-widescreen resolutions while driving
    • Experimental support for triple-monitors. Controlled by r_multimon_mode cvar (0-disabled, 1-wide fov with ui on central monitor, 2 - three separate views). In the three-view mode it is possible to compensate for bezels using r_multimon_border_fov_* cvars
    • The game will reset jobs whenever it detects certain changes in data
    • Added Georgian language to the game

    • Money sound played only on important events
    • Air brake sound fixed

    • Game will pause when Steam overlay appears
    • Steam notifications are positioned on the opposite side of the screen than Route Advisor

    • New sector based map format which supports simultaneous modifications by more than one user and local extensions as long they operate in separate sectors.
    • Many definition lists (e.g. types of AI trucks) can be now simultaneously extended by more than one mod.
    • As result of multiple changes it is now possible to have more than one reverse speed in modded trucks.

    ~ 1.3.1 ~
    • several safety checks added to improve stability with unofficial game mods created for previous versions of the game
    • official licenses from Iveco and Volvo
    • ability to change the company name, logo or preferred brand
    • retarder (automatic or manual)
    • per-profile mod selection (can be overridden using -force_mods command line parameter)
    • support local currencies of each country in the game
    • gearbox accessory selection
    • new online radio stations (now up to 190 stations)
    • physics takes into account different weights for trailers and cargos
    • Renault Premium upgrades
    • Renault Magnum side-skirts are now an optional upgrade
    • hired driver log
    • hired drivers more likely to find suitable cargo on the way back
    • re-hired driver issue fixed
    • ferry fee is not charged to player for quick jobs
    • UK distances in GPS fixed
    • fixed memory leak when playing mp3 files using radio
    • improved handling of corrupted save files
    • improved resiliency to some types of corruptions caused by mod removal
    • fixed cabin blur during rain
    • over 200 map changes and fixes
    • several German roads thoroughly tweaked and prettyfied
    • bump causing damage on German A3 fixed
    • powerline columns in the middle of the road removed
    • gas station in Bremen
    • AI curves fixing on some prefabs
    • increased vertex buffer sizes to improve game stability with more detailed vehicle models
    • Product Key verification step added, only genuine keys in good standing accepted as of version 1.3+

    ~ ~
    • DAF - added as new licensed truck brand
    • added command line parameter -nodx9ex which disables extended DX9 interfaces for compatibility with Xfire
    • support for Unicode characters
    • support for Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Chinese, and Bulgarian
    • enter your name in profile with non-ASCII characters
    • better automatic save/load system
    • fixes in registration plates for SK, NL, FR, I, S, BE, A
    • recreated lamps illumination of all trucks, trailers and AI vehicles
    • readjusted fatigue simulation
    • new gearboxes for each truck
    • adjusted steering
    • over two hundred individual map fixes and prettyfications, fixed weather areas, added new lamps to prefabs
    • several inaccessible roads removed from navigation system
    • bus added as AI vehicle in traffic
    • improvements of AI handling on prefabs - speed, acceleration, and braking
    • decreased Valiant dashboard brightness
    • route advisor's "running line" corrected
    • added extra tier to progress history - progress is shown up to level 150 now
    • skill screen doesn't pop up on level up anymore if there are no skill points available
    • rain probability slider added to Options
    • truck braking intensity slider added to Options
    • subtle improvements in HDR tonemapping

    ~ 1.1.3 ~
    • Improved handling of fatigue.
    • Stopping of advisor lines fixed.
    • Some potentially crashing issues fixed.

    ~ 1.1.1 ~
    • Hazard warning indicators are working with engine off.
    • Improved vehicle maneuverability.
    • Improved HDR tonality.
    • Cruise control disables on any action of the driver.
    • Fixed sunshafts missing with MLAA enabled in some situations.
    • Dynamic force feedback disabled when the game is paused.
    • Truck license plate management corrected.
    • Missing money in UK variant of "lite" Route Advisor fixed.
    • Wrong dashboard cruise control symbols corrected.
    • Wrong handling of double click on certain UI elements fixed.
    • Missing AI traffic on some low-end setups fixed.
    • Missing load/save screenshots for long profile names fixed.
    • Random trailer disappearing after truck upgrade fixed.
    • Missing navigation route after truck upgrade fixed.
    • Parking bonus is awarded correctly.
    • Total job distance computation corrected.
    • Fixed sound bursts of the environment-placed sounds.
    • Parking brake stick animation updated after setting value.
    • Map: signs tweaking, AI speed tweaking on some problem spots.
    • Fixed Majestic windshield wipers.

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